A tale of water

Yuzhong - China 2021

Agrarian Enrichment in China

For many years, the Chinese urbanization has destroyed many old villages in a global densification process. In the Yuzhong project between the Nanghe River to the hills in the south, a large agriculture valley is occupied by a series of villages. This project proposes to conserve this traditional urban implantation and at the same to redevelop a more productive agriculture program.

The urbanization process began with a specific analysis of the human installation.
The model is a finger plan which begins on the river Nanghe to the hills with large land segments of alternative agriculture in relation to housing and social program in continuity with the old villages.

The foundation of our strategy is to create a new model of 6 metropolitan villages integrating all the ancient vilages.

Capturing all water resources and establish new sustainable water management
The water question for this territory is the elementary condition to maintain the population and the agriculture activity, particularly with a densification process. In this part of West China, the evaporation of water is a very complex question.

We proposed different interventions:
A.Capturing the water from the hills by a series of filter block upstream in storage tanks.
B.Develop SAUL basins to collect filtered water and store. C.Cover the Saul Basins by a series of long pedestrian promenades to the Ninghe river.
D.Obtaining a total stored water volume of 1 000 000 m3 / year
E. Using complementary water from the rain water caught on the roof of the buildings, and also
transforming domestic water consumption patterns through water supply.